Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ski Vacation in Jasna, February 2014

It is now almost an year since I went in Jasna for my winter holiday. I wanted to share this right after that time(in feb) but unfortunately I didn't. Well it is, I suppose, welcomed even now.

On the 12th of February we started our journey by bus towards Jasna. It is said to be the best, biggest, nicest ski resort in Slovakia. I say 'we' because the company where my brother works had their Ski Winter Camp. So I happily joined the team on behalf of my brother.
I just feel to update you that now I am part of that company too. Happy to be part of Qubiz where I work as a developer now :) The good news are that in the year that comes we will go again there. I can't wait for it.

It was a nice experience being the fact that I've never skied before in a resort with so many long slopes that are very nice organized and maintained. There are plenty of slopes for everybody regardless their experience: blue, red, or black slopes. Also they do have lots of ski lifts and modern cable-ways. When you are cold and frozen you could serve a hot tea or whatsoever you wish at high altitude right nearby the slopes. High up on the mountain, at Rotunda which is at 2002 m, there is arranged a nice restaurant from where you can have the best view of the region. Breathtaking!

We staid there for 2 days and half. On the first day we had nice weather, not so cold but just enough. It was a nice blue sky with white spread clouds. Excellent.

Then on second day all changed. It was very windy, as you will see in images above. I had such unique experiences. One of them was that when I was on top of the mountain and being ready to get to the base I took my goggles out and wished to take my eyeglasses too underneath. But as it was at least -10 degrees both pairs started to mist over when I tried to take them on. So I couldn't use any of them, as I was seeing only white. It was very windy and I could feel each of those tiny snow flakes on my face. I could barely see 1 meter ahead. So I had  to follow my brother at that distance for at least 400 meters where the visibility was better. I was just skiing but without seeing the path. It was one of the insanest think I've done there.

Another funny thing it was that if you started from the top of the slopes which is at 2004 m altitude, Rotunda, then starting descending towards Lucky which is at 943 m you were passing from -10 Celsius degrees(which could be felt just like -15 due to strong wind) to 2 Celsius degrees. The descend could take maximum 10 - 15 minutes. So when I reached the finish I felt to be so incredible hot. Funny experience :)

Well enough with the story, I will let you see the images.

Waiting for skipass

Me, happy 

Incredible view

Silence of moving

Some Slovakian food, cabbage soup

Most modern cable-way in resort

When is windy then it is :)

Can you feel it?

Rotunda, 2002 m

Thanks for watching and also for the share. Have fun and go for ski too.

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