Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rebeca's Portrait in Winter

Today I wanted to publish some portrait series. These images were taken on the first day of this year somewhere close Cluj Napoca. It was a sunny morning with snow and temperatures bellow - 15 degrees. The light was awesome. I hope you will enjoy seeing these images. The girl's name is Rebeca.
Gear: Canon 450 D with Canon 50mm 1.8 and 17-85 mm.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Today I remembered about nice time I had last year when I was in Suncuius with my brothers and other friends. There I saw lots of horses but I only photographed this one. He/she was pretty, don't you think? 

Horse at Suncuius
This image I took in Baile 1 Mai in a place where you can ride the horses. The image I modified a little bit as many would notice. I added a blue sky, just for fun :) Hope you enjoy it too.
Horse riding in Baile 1 Mai near famous tourist city Baile Felix

Horse and his shadow

Monday, March 11, 2013


Here I attached an orchid image and other images I took last summer. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring around Sibiu in 2012

Today I remembered about last spring of 2012 when I spent few days with very good friends and my brother in Sibiu, Romania.
It was an excellent day. It was sunny, windy, a lot of contrast between the snow and grass, trees and a nice blue sky. It was actually in first days of May. We went on a trip in Cindrel Mountains, varful Batranei. It was my first time when I saw so many spring crocuses and on a mountain with snow background. Ah, it was like in my dreams. I believe that any photographer wants to catch a moment like that. So enjoy seeing my images that I selected from that day.

This dog followed us along our path. Maybe he was hungry.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Few photos from autumn of 2012 in Oradea

Today I decided to share with you some of my photos I took in last autumn. It was a sunny day so I said to myself: 'let's make some memories'. In fact I have really more images of the city but today I choose only 7 of them. They were all taken with my Canon 450D + Canon 17-85 mm lens. For some of them I used also a CPL filter.
This is now the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy. Many foreign students are coming here in Romania to study Medicine ;) That means for me that is a good faculty, isn't it? What was even more interesting is that in this building actually it was a hundred years ago(or maybe more) the center of a market. :) 

 Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Oradea

Oradea Museum, part of the entrance. 

Oradea, pietonal zone.

Autumn flowers.

Downtown area of Oradea by Crisul Repede.

Modern and new.

The balcony of a nice palace near Piata Ferinand.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Old house waiting for spring

Well, here it is my first image to post. I must admit that I lost a lot of time spending for set my watermark :) Hope that is not so annoying. If so tell me. I change it. But tell me some other ideas.
All right so as I made today my first ride in almost spring(few days till real spring) I have seen this lonely abandoned house. Hope that you like it. I live in Oradea and this house is close to Crisul Repede, 8 km from city.