Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First sale of 2014 - stock photography

I want to share with you first sale of this year, 2014. As you might see in my portfolios I am not that rich, yet. On ShutterStock for the moment I have 68 images, DreamsTime: 139, Fotolia: 35, 123rf: 48 images. I haven't submitted all images to all agencies, yet.

Enough with statistics. This is the image first sold, it was on ShutterStock actually.

This image was sold in fact for 2 times in same day.
Have a nice day and good luck.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sunset at Livada Lake

This is going to be my first post of this year - 2014. I wish you all a happy fully year and God be with you.

I wish that this year I will post more frequently and more beautiful images  :)

So, having said that, I will post some images from last year. It was in may 2013 when I went by bike to a lake in Livada de Bihor, close to my city. It is about 15 kilometers away. I had a very nice evening, a quiet one with a nice sunset over the lake. Enjoy the images and share if you like them.


Gear: Canon 450D, Canon 17-85 mm.
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