Monday, October 14, 2013

Stock stats by Octomber of 2013

As I promised in previous article, which in case you did not read so far you can do it by going to How I started in Stock Photography, I want to show you some of my incomings.

I want to tell you that in case you do not involve much time on stock photography you may not expect extraordinary results. In my case, being a software developer, after at least 8 hours a day working on a computer I find hardly to continue on after I arrive at home selecting images, processing and then upload. In fact there are more steps. But anytime I fill in a good shape or on weekends I try to continue on. For example now I am still having images from June unprocessed. That is 4 months so far. So, it takes time. That is all depending by you.

I will show you the statistics for September. Honestly being with you it was the best month so far. I never earned so far in a month. It helped me a lot the Enhanced Download. At the bottom of image I attached the total earnings row. I am very close to first 100$ from ShutterStock. I can't wait for it. This are the results since January this year.

As concerns DreamsTime so far I have earned: 17.08 $. I am still patient.

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