Sunday, October 20, 2013

Relaxing in an autumn day in Suncuius

After a hard working week it seemed that I got too much tired. So I decided that hiking on nearby mountains is the best decision for: "What do I do this week-end" question.
I had to go alone, so it was quite a relaxing day. There are days in your life when you must stay alone and talk to yourself. Only trees, two deer and a fox heard me.
The place I went to visit, called Suncuius, is 50 km away from Oradea. Easy to get there by train which makes 1 hour and half. Not forget we use CFR which goes pretty slow. :)) Hope that one day they will decide investing in the infrastructure.
Ready with description, enjoy the view. In case you like the images it helps me a lot to know it so I am encouraged to post often. Share buttons can make wonders :) See you.

Beech branch in autumn colors

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Beech trees

Fallen autumn crocus

Old tree reflected in water

Old house in Transylvania

Bio golden apple tree 

Bio golden apple tree 

Old house of Transylvania

Yellow branch

Just hear the noise

Equipment: Canon 450D with Canon 17-85mm/Canon 50mm 1.8.
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