Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How should you react when you see your stock image in a magazine?

Today was a very beautiful day for me.

It happened that a colleague of mine promised that will bring me a magazine where, she said, I will see information about a ski resort, called Val Gardena, where just happened that I have been 2 weeks ago. It is a magazine that is freely distributed by MOL well known filling station and company. The edition is January 2015. Can be found here.

I opened it and there they had photos and info with ski resorts from Europe. One of them was Jasna. It is a resort I have been last year. If you remember I wrote about it. You could see this post for more info at http://adrian-alexa.blogspot.ro/2014/11/ski-vacation-in-jasna-february-2014.html

Well, there was an image I spotted which resembles very much with one of my stock photo I have online. And then quickly I navigated to check it out. Indeed it was. Yeeeei!!! I was so happy!! My!! What? My image in MOL's magazine???

Here is the online version of magazine. The image I talk about is the one under the black arrow.
The article talks about Jasna Ski Resort.

The truth is that I don't know for sure from which of stock websites the image was downloaded, however I am very happy. It could be any of them. On dreamstime it was downloaded once and on shutterstock for 5 times, so far. 

It is not the money you got that makes you happy but the fact when you see your images used by someone so important. 

I will keep going on! Hope to increase my portfolio this year a lot :)

PS: if you want to find out more about revenues and how to start in stock photography read my article.

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